Tire Rotation

Make Sure That Your Tires Wear Evenly

Excellent Tire Rotation Services

Getting your tires rotated on a regular basis will help your tires last longer. Your front tires are going to wear down much faster than your rear tires if they aren't rotated to get the most use out of each tire. Contact us at 860-739-5627 today to schedule an appointment! 
Tire rotation

What You Can Expect

  • Every tire will be moved to a different spot
  • Your air pressure will be checked
  • Your brakes will be inspected

Save Yourself Money Down the Road

When your tires are wear unevenly, you will have to replace them much quicker than normal. The cost of 4 new tires can be a hit to your budget. Regular tire rotations will help you save from getting new tires too quickly. You should also make sure your vehicle has proper alignment to benefit your tires wear and tear on your vehicle.  

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